For clients who believe they’ve seen and done it all, Papua New Guinea should be next on their list. One of the most un-touched destinations left in the world, this is a country for the intrepid traveller with a love of different cultures and incredible natural beauty.

1. Have the ultimate coastal adventure

PNG has stunning coastal areas to enjoy a relaxing beach side holiday where your clients can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, surfing and diving while also having a truly unique cultural experience

2. Discover PNG’s amazing culture

With plenty of colourful tribes to meet, PNG offers an incredible cultural experience – visit the Mt Hagen festival or Mask Festival and join in a ‘sing sing’ with the locals.

3. Challenge yourself to trek

Home to the famous Kokoda Track, Australians often see this trek as a rite of passage to discover the stories of their World War II ancestors. Beyond Kokoda, PNG offers other challenging trails for travellers keen to try something different.

4. Cruise to remote areas

While expedition cruising has been popular in PNG for years, allowing tourists to discover PNG’s remote areas and fascinating culture, recently the introduction of larger cruise-ships is opening up the country’s island regions to a wider audience.

5. Surf uncrowded breaks

To ensure the sustainable development of surf tourism in PNG there is a management plan in place allowing only a maximum of 20 surfers in the water at any one time so surfers are guaranteed uncrowded waves.

6. Spot the Bird of Paradise

With more than 600 different species of birds including 38 species of the 43 Birds of Paradise, PNG is a must-do for the fanatic bird watcher. Both on the mainland as well as on the PNG islands species can be found unique to that particular area.

7. Catch a Black Bass

Fish in pristine waters and try to catch the famous Black Bass and Barramundi found in just about any of PNG’s coastal areas. The beautiful scenery and the perfect fishing spots make PNG one of world’s best fishing destinations.

8. Kayak between remote exotic islands

There’s plenty of options for all experience levels; paddle from New Ireland along a chain of remote exotic islands, to New Hanover. Visit the people living on these islands, people who have rarely seen outsiders and just live from the sea. Kayaking in PNG offers outstanding cultural experiences including village stays.

9. Explore underwater

Diving in PNG offers 50 to 150 feet visibility to explore untouched coral reefs and outstanding marine life including reef sharks, pelagic fish, hammerheads, barracuda, manta rays as well as WWII wrecks (tanks, downed US bombers and Japanese Zeros) all in 28 degree waters.